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"We truly value our relationship with Easy Leasebacks. For each business that we purchase where the real estate needs to be purchased too, they provide an investor teammate that will purchase the building and then lease it back to our company. These creative “Acquisition Leasebacks” not only accelerate our growth, but help us preserve our precious cash to use to acquire more businesses. Peter, his sons Chris and Cody and their team are extremely creative and provide a lot of value-added help, problem solving and coaching. We have completed seven recent transactions together and look forward to many more."
- Chris Isbell / Clear Capital Partners
“The Easy Leasebacks Team created a perfect sale-leaseback strategy for our growing 44 location medical company. They then matched us with a great funding partner that bought all of our owned locations AND forward-funded us for 20 more locations! This will speed up the growth of our company at a very important time for us. Peter promised a 30 day closing and delivered. A Perfect execution.”
- Todd Clark / Self Refind Treatment Centers
“As the country’s leading private label soup and juice manufacturer, we hired Easy Leasebacks to assist us with the sale/leaseback of our 200,000 SF US facility in Maryland. Peter Colvin and his team did an excellent job helping us plan and implement the successful transaction, meeting our financial goals and completing our sale-leaseback on time. He gave us very valuable advice along the way and matched us with the perfect investor for a long term relationship. We reduced our long term debt, funded the needed improvements and preserved our cash. Great job Easy Leasebacks!”
- Martin Kent / Protenergy Natural Foods

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